At a very strategic location connecting Asia, Africa and Europe the richness of culture in Jordan sets it apart. This is a country with footprints of thousands of years of history, right from the dawn of civilization. Jordan has been influenced by many powerful kingdoms and empires, including the Babylonian & Mesopotamian Empires, the Pharaohs of Egypt, and the classical civilizations of Greece, Rome and Persia. Barren deserts, hiking trails, ancient archaeological sites and churches jostle with bustling cities, lending Jordan a charm of its own. The Wadi Rum Desert has been immortalised on celluloid both in Hollywood and Bollywood, and the legendary Lawrence of Arabia is rumored to have hailed from Jordan.

Best Season:March, April, May, September, October, November
Popular Location: Amman, Petra, Dead Sea, Aqaba, Gerasa, Wadi Rum