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“The tour was well organised. Countryside has been excellent in dealing in adverse conditions as well. Kudos for making this trip a memorable one.”
Mrs. Sumedha Karmarkar, Explore Spiti, 2018
“The tour leader’s understanding about the team and location is fantastic. He made sure we were all individually taken care of and our needs attended to. Thank you so much Team Countryside.”
Ms. Ritika Devidayal, Valley of Flowers, August 2018
“Tours with Countryside are special because they are well-planned. Logistics are well taken care of. Participants are made comfortable and individual needs are looked after. They are addictive!”
Mr. Jigish Gandhi, Valley of Flowers, August 2018
” Recently my two female friends and I visited Sri Lanka and we’re short of words while describing the arrangement and how smooth everything was planned! Thank you so much.”
Ms. Aditi Bhatt, Sri Lanka, 2017
“Since yesterday I keep on feeling why I did not settle at Annapurna Base Camp. Sleep for 9 hours, eat pizza and fries. What a life!”
Dr. Amol Rege, Annapurna Base Camp, 2018
” We really enjoyed our experience with Countryside – everything was planned with a lot of attention to detail, comfort and group safety. The entire experience exceeded our expectations!”
Mr. Sanjiv Kakkar, Kailash Manasarovar, 2017
“Completely blown away and a great, rich experience!!! All the credit goes to Countryside’s team and your superb, outstanding planning and execution for the same. ”
Mr. Jitendra Wilankar, Oman, 2017


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